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Audit & Assurance, SAICA Graduate Programme

Programme Overview

Our SAICA Training Programme is more than a world-class training scheme, this a permanent job It gives you a market-leading salary, benefits, a professional qualification, and endless opportunities to learn and progress. You’ll work with clients from the start, on projects that have a genuine impact on their success and the chance to qualify as a CA(SA) on an international platform.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • You have passed your SAICA accredited undergraduate degree in 2021 or before.
  • You are currently enrolled in or have completed your SAICA accredited post graduate degree allowing you to write the ITC exam in early 2023.
  • You will be eligible to start your full-time employment as a new first year trainee in 2023.
  • Deloitte LLP does not provide financial aid and will not buy anyone out of a bursary or reimburse any financial aid previously received.
  • You are required to abide by any legal requirements in any previous contracts or financial aid agreements. Deloitte LLP will hold the right to withdraw an offer should any breach of contract or illegal/unethical behaviour come to light.

Your opportunity

In Audit, your value starts with underpinning the accuracy of a company’s financial information. Critical information that shareholders use to make vital decisions. You’ll work with various clients to get a detailed understanding of their business, identify key risks and design strategies to mitigate them. Working collaboratively with colleagues and clients, you’ll cover many diverse industries. Our clients include:

  • Companies and their subsidiaries, in the UK and internationally;
  • Public interest entities such as banks, insurers and large private companies;
  • Dynamic and less complex, entrepreneurial, high growth businesses.

Our clients span all industries including financial services, private companies, funds, subsidiaries, real estate, pension schemes and international referrals. We are proud of our role performing work in the public interest. It aligns to our purpose of making an impact that matters. Our aspiration is that everyone who joins will feel good about their role and we, as a high-profile audit firm, achieve a consistent and widely recognised standard of excellence in the quality of our audit work. But auditing financial statements is just the beginning. More and more, we’re using intelligent machines to automate and standardise processes, so you and your colleagues are able to focus on your clients and your own development. You’ll have greater freedom to think creatively, work together to solve problems and offer deeper insights. It means you’ll enjoy real responsibility, early in your career, as well as flexibility in how, when and where you work.

Your professional experience

Together with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), Deloitte UK has developed an accredited training office outside of South Africa, at international training office that provides you with the opportunity to obtain your professional qualification in one of the world’s financial hubs. You will be part of a well-established training office that has a long-standing relationship with SAICA and pride ourselves on our outstanding results.

Through the training program at Deloitte UK, not only will you gain sufficient experience to meet all the competencies necessary to qualify as a CA (SA), you will be provided with excellent support for both ITC and APC. You will also be afforded the chance to gain real insight in the world of business and get involved in some truly inspiring and meaningful work. What’s more, your experience will be gained in London, a globally renowned financial and business centre. This distinct training program and its resulting qualification will no doubt equip you with the skills and experience to pursue a career anywhere you wish to go.