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Privacy Policy

This statement covers your use of Ambertrack and other third parties to support your


These tools are managed by Deloitte LLP with registered office 2 New Street Square, London,


Deloitte is committed to protecting your information by handling it responsibly and safeguarding

it, using appropriate technical, administrative and physical security measures.

Information about you which we process

We may collect or obtain information about you that you provide to us, that we obtain from

third parties or that is publicly available, or which we infer from the way you interact with us.

This information about you may include: Background Checks, Education, Employee

Performance, Employment Information, Financial, Government Identification, Personal

Attributes, Personal Health Information, Personal Identification, Workplace Welfare.

Other Information we may require

After submitting an application we may require additional information to support your

application and verify key details about you to ensure your application is processed fairly.

How we use information about you

We may process information about you to assess your suitability for work and to determine to

whom to offer employment.

How long we will keep your personal details?

Your personal details will be anonymised by the end of March 2021, this means depending on when an

application is made your personal details will be stored for up to 20 months. Please note that if your

data is required for a period of time beyond March 2021 you will be notified in advance.

Further Information

For more details on how Deloitte handles and shares your information and for details on your

rights and how to contact us, please review our privacy notice via: